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    Company was moved to No.850 West Changjiang Road, Baoshan district.


    The largest project of the company since its establishment, and successfully expand the field of water supply from the Yellow River.


    The company has successfully introduced centrifugal dehydration and drying system in Germany and successfully operated in China.


    LW 1100 horizontal snail centrifuge appeared at Shanghai IFAT exhibition.


    The LW900 large horizontal snail centrifuge developed by the company has been successfully applied to the river silt removal market.


    After the injection of capital into Shanghai Electric Group, Shanghai Centrifuge has entered the road of rapid development.


    Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. was formally established. Meanwhile, Shanghai Centrifugal Machinery Research Institute was divided into units directly under Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. In the same year, the name of the enterprise was changed to Shanghai Centrifugal Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd.


    We have signed a cooperation agreement with Humbolt Germany, a famous international company, to import KHD Humboldt sleeping snail technology and cooperate in the development of sleeping snail centrifuges for mass export to Germany.


    Premier Li Peng went on a personal inspection to listen to and understand the scientific research work in detail, and visited the working environment and scientific research facilities.


    The theory of separating isotopes by centrifuge is put forward, and the uranium separation test machine is provided for the National Defense Science and Technology Commission to realize the innovation of developing centrifuge products.


    Shanghai Centrifugal Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd. (formerly 651 Institute) was established.